Horrible New Kit Kat Flavor, A Real Hoverboard Is Here, Olivia Pope Preganant, Kate England

Kit Kat has launched a bizarre Melon & Cheese flavor…That sounds horrible! Kerry Washington & Nnamdi Asomugha Are Expecting Their 2nd Child…Olivia Pope gets what she wants. The Hoverboard We’ve All Been Dreaming Of Might Finally Be Here…It has the record for the farthest hoverboard flight. Bernie Sanders Is Making The Case For Contested Convention…Says […]

Tiger Woods On The Comeback Trail?, Fight At The Yankees-Red Sox Game, Kindly Myers

Tiger Woods Has Booked Accommodations for THE PLAYERS Championship and the Memorial Tournament…It’s comeback time people! The way Alex Rodriguez dries his bat should not be seen by kids…Hide your eyes! There was a fight in the crowd at one of the Yankees-Red Sox games…What is up with people fighting at games? – Idiots! Radiohead […]

Trade DeMarcus Cousins?, San Diego State Could Be Good, Gisele’s Dress

Gisele Wore A Silver Dress That Didn’t Leave Much To The Imagination. San Diego State could be a New Year’s Six bowl contender this year…Although Houston definitely looks like the favorite. Should the Sacramento Kings trade DeMarcus Cousins as soon as possible?…Change of scenery could do him some good – Maybe. The CIA Live Tweeted […]

Donald Trump Lead In Indiana, Eli Apple’s Mom, 2017 Mock Draft, Natalie Pack

According to polls Donald Trump has a big lead over Ted Cruz in Indiana…A crucial state for both. Eli Apple’s Mom Warned ‘Thirsty’ Girls That Are Trying To Get Into Her Son’s DMs…Just a little embarrassing for Eli. This 2017 NFL mock draft would be a dream scenario for the Browns. Steph Curry says the […]

Cardale Jones Draft Celebration, Tinder Pick Up Lines, Priyanka Chopra, Terann Hilow

Cardale Jones Ripped His Shirt Off Like The Hulk When He Got Drafted…He was just a little excited. 101 Tinder Pick Up Lines That Might Actually Get You A Date…You’re still gonna have to be decent looking, sorry. Priyanka Chopra the star of ‘Quantico’ is sooo freakin hot!…The show is ok I guess. Dwyane Wade […]

Scottie Pippen And Michael Jordan Together, Huge Bike Crash, Alena Blohm, Charlotte McKinney

The Lead Motorcycle Stalled During A Bike Race Causing A Massive Crash…Now that’s a pile up! Jerry Jones is REALLY regretting not getting Paxton Lynch…Says he’s lost sleep over it. Some Women Revealed The Subtle Ways They Show Guys They Are Interested…If you think about it, they’re not so subtle. Alena Blohm is a German […]

Ezekiel Elliott In Bed With A Chick, Healthiest Fast Food Items, Rita Ora, Lauren Elise

Ezekiel Elliott Was In Bed With Some Chick On Snapchat…The whole crop top shirt thing had some people wondering if was into girls or not. Here are 15 of the healthiest fast-food menu items out there…Cause you can’t always be at home to make healthy food. Lauren Elise Is A Ridiculously Hot Actress…Can’t say I’ve […]

Lots Of Notre Dame And Ohio State Players Drafted, Weird Things Said During Sex, Alyssa Arce

The Notre Dame-Ohio State Fiesta Bowl produced 19 NFL draft picks…Would have been a better game if half of Notre Dame team wasn’t hurt. Playboy Playmate Alyssa Arce Is SOOO Hot It’s Unbelievable…Trust me, check out the pictures ASAP. Kawhi Leonard Opened Spurs-Thunder By Driving The Lane And Dunking On Everyone…It set the tone. People […]

Jerry Jones Is Done With Greg Hardy, Jennifer Lawrence Needs A Man, Yanet Garcia

Jerry Jones has closed the door on Greg Hardy returning to the Cowboys…Now if no one else would sign him we would be good. Jennifer Lawrence Says She Hasn’t Felt The Touch Of A Man In A Really Long Time…Is this a good time to let her know I’m available? Celeste McQueen is the Naughtiest […]

David Ortiz Promised A Home Run, Florida Cop Punched Woman In Handcuffs, Lais Ribeiro

David Ortiz promised a fan he would hit a home run…Went out and hit the game-winning home run. Texas high school plans to build a $62.8M football stadium…Seems a bit excessive to me. A Florida cop repeatedly punched a woman who was already in handcuffs…The rookie cop has been fired and charged with battery. Why […]

Johnny Manziel Twitter Rant, Lakers Hire Luke Walton, Brook Evers, Natasha Oakley

Johnny Manziel Went On A Twitter Rant About The Way He’s Been Acting…He does have a point I guess. The Dallas Cowboys took a risk by taking Jaylon Smith early in the 2nd round…They do have some insight into Jaylon’s injury though, the Cowboys’ team doctor did the surgery. The Los Angeles Lakers Have Hired […]

Here’s A Video Of Myles Jack Dunking On His Injured Knee

Here’s A Video Of Myles Jack Dunking On His Injured Knee…Probably should have put this out like, ohhh I don’t know, yesterday! 😴 pic.twitter.com/lwXRusQyp1 — Myles Jack (@MylesJack) April 29, 2016

2017 NFL Mock Draft, Pizza Box Made Out Of Pizza, Alla Kovezina, Sara Jean Underwood

Someone created a pizza box made out of pizza…Now you can eat the whole damn thing. Hiking with Sara Jean Underwood definitely looks like it would be fun…Check out the pictures. Here’s a 2017 NFL mock draft…Even though this year’s isn’t even half over. Ray Lewis III, son of former Ravens star Ray Lewis, has […]

Johnny Manziel Watching The Draft, Myles Jack Not Picked, Jocelyn Chew

Johnny Manziel Watched the NFL Draft at a Bar in Columbus Before going to the Justin Bieber Concert. Laremy Tunsil Dropped In The Draft Because of A Video Of Him Smoking A Bong Through A Gas Mask. Myles Jack was not picked in the 1st round…He ends up being the draft’s biggest loser. Reigning Batting […]

Skip Bayless Is Getting PAID By Fox, Ezekiel Elliott Crop Top, Ryan Matthews Cheating, Katt Williams Arrested

NFL Agent Drew Rosenhaus Showed Off His Wife and Sister-in-Law on Draft Day…Obviously for good reason. Fox Sports Is Giving Skip Bayless Wayyyy More Money Than He’s Worth…More than than the #1 pick in the NFL Draft. Ryan Fitzpatrick Hates The Jets’ Offer…Would rather not play football than take it. UFC Hotties Paige VanZant and […]

Politician Looking At Porn, Tracy Morgan Prince Story, Jessica Alba GIFs, Camilla Belle

A Politician Was Caught Looking At Porn During A City Council Meeting…C’mon, cut him some slack, those council meetings are really boring. Listen ladies, men can’t read your mind, so stop it!…You’re gonna actually have to communicate. Ellie Goulding Looks Good In A Green Bikini Top In Miami. I have no idea what Camilla Belle […]

John Daly Is 50, Kris Jenner Sex Tape?, Bella Thorne Snapchat

Wish John Daly A Happy Birthday, He’s 50 Years Old Today…An age he never thought he would make. Myles Jack admits that he might need surgery on his knee for a microfracture…And now we know why teams were still concerned. Oh No! Kris Jenner Might Have A Sex Tape Out There…With O.J.’s lawyer, her ex […]

Beyonce GIFs Are Good, Tim Tebow Back To Denver?, Michelle Lewin

Here Are 21 Beyonce GIFs to Show Off What She’s Working With…And it’s a lot. Bring Tim Tebow Back To Denver!…Fans have started a petition. Is food your soulmate?…Then these charts are perfect for you…You probably also have a romantic table picked out at your favorite restaurant. Michelle Lewin Bikini Pictures In Miami Are Must-See. […]