Couple Was Showing Some Serious PDA At The Braves New Ballpark

Dude needs to forget about the game and get that woman home ASAP!

Tim Tebow Jacked His 2nd Minor League Home Run

Tim Tebow has hit his 2nd minor league home run. This was a 3-run shot. The call up should be coming any time now.

Tim Tebow Smashed A Home Run In His First Minor League At Bat

Tim Tebow hit a home run in his first at-bat with his minor league team. Hey, it’s Low A minor league baseball but that is still a good sign. The crowd was loving it!

Orioles Signed Cal Ripken Jr.’s Son To A Minor-League Contract

I wonder how many games in a row he can play. Better be a lot!

The Orioles announced on Friday that they have signed infielder Ryan Ripken, the son of team legend Cal Ripken Jr., to a minor-league contract. He will be reporting to extended spring training in Sarasota next week.

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Lauren Blackwell Almost Got Hit By An Astros Batting Practice Home Run

Houston Astros reporter Lauren Blackwell had to duck for cover during batting practice.

By the way she’s ridiculously hot! Of course.

Here she is with Rickie Fowler…

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Tim Tebow Has A Pretty Bad Golf Swing

Tim Tebow showed that he has a terrible golf swing.

He swung like he was trying to hit a baseball. He kinda gets a pass though because he is playing baseball right now. Playing baseball and golf at the same time can get your swing all screwed up…No pass on the pink shorts though.

Justin Verlander’s Pre-Game Routine Of Not Having Sex With Kate Upton Is Just Dumb

If you were super curious about how Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander’s job affects his sex life, well, now you have answers. He’s an idiot!

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Seriously, What Is The Deal With Sammy Sosa’s Skin Color?

No idea what is happening here? Obviously he’s doing some kind of skin bleaching I guess.

Snoop Dogg Threw A HORRIBLE First Pitch At The Padres Game

I always thought Snoop Dogg was at least somewhat athletic due to his involvement in football…Clearly as he showed with this first pitch at the Padres game that’s not true at all…He actually damn near hit some some bystanders.

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This Minor League Bat Boy Dancing On The Roof Of The Dugout Is REALLY Freakin Good

The Albuquerque Isotopes have a star on their hands…This kid is really good!…The organization needs to bring him up to the big leagues.

The grand finale was a Michael Jackson medley that brought the house down…Anybody who can moon walk gets my respect!

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A Miami Baseball Player Had The Bat Flip Of The Year

Edgar Michelangeli, a junior infielder at Miami, is the new ruler of the best celebration in baseball…I think this is what they refer to as admiring his home run.

8th Grader Does Crazy Bat Flip Followed By The Running Man After Home Run

If this was the Major Leagues this kid would be taking a fast ball right to the back his next time up…My coach would have had me sitting on the bench the rest of the game and probably next.

The Rangers-Blue Jays Brawl, What You Need To Know

The Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays actually got into a pretty good brawl with benches clearing a couple times…There are actually bad feelings between these two teams dating back to the playoffs last year when Jose Bautista did a massive bat flip at the end of Game 5…This brawl started with Jose Bautista getting plunked and then taking a hard slide into second base…That’s where Rougned Odor and Jose Bautista squared off with Odor jacking the jaw of Bautista. We now know that Bautista has a pretty tough jaw.

Rougned Odor Straight Up Punched Jose Bautista In The Face After Dirty Slide Into Second Base – Bro Bible

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Jose Bautista Took A Huge Haymaker To The Face During A Blue Jays-Rangers Brawl – UPROXX

Hot Chick With The Best Wiffleball Swing And Bat Flip You’ve Ever Seen

Hot Chick With The Best Wiffleball Swing And Bat Flip You’ve Ever Seen…Now that is my kinda woman!

This chick and her bat flip made it move

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The Twins Turned Target Field Purple To Honor Prince

The Twins Turned Target Field Purple To Honor Prince…His hometown team.

Florida Little League Dads Got Into A Fight On The Field During A Game

Florida Little League Dads Got Into A Fight On The Field During A Game…Jackasses!…Parents and coaches fighting has been going on since the beginning of time.