Grayson Allen Wearing A “Don’t Trip” Hat Is A Huge F U To Everybody

Grayson Allen wearing a “Don’t Trip” hat is a big f*ck you to all the haters out there. And a clear sign that he knows exactly what he’s doing when he trips people.

Oh No! LaVar Ball Is Gonna Be Lonzo’s Agent

You knew this was probably coming. LaVar Ball wants to be Lonzo Ball’s agent. Meaning that teams will have to negotiate with LaVar for Lonzo’s services. I can see the holdout now.

Any agent he hires is going to have to navigate the tight waters between NBA teams and his outspoken dad, LaVar Ball. The consensus among agents, and pretty much as expressed by LaVar Ball, is that Ball will hire an attorney — a source said that would be Harrison Gaines of SLASH Sports — strictly for contracts and let his father do the negotiating otherwise. There’s some risk to that, and Ball would be wise to ensure he has an NBA-level pre-draft program in place.

LaVar has no formal training and will need to become certified in order to negotiate on his son’s behalf

This is a terrible, terrible idea. He is gonna screw this whole thing up big-time.

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John Stockton’s Daughter Laura Is Gonzaga’s Real MVP

Laura Stockton plays guard for the women’s basketball team at Gonzaga. She just finished up her sophomore season with the Bulldogs. And as you can see she is really good looking!

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Referee Had An Amazing Kicked Ball Call During UNC – Oregon Game

It was either a kicked ball or tripping…Either way, this referee is doing it up right!

Duke Wants Company To Stop Making Shirt That Mocks Grayson Allen

An apparel company is making a shirt that mocks Duke’s Grayson Allen.

Duke fired off a cease and desist letter to the apparel company. According to TMZ, Duke claims the company is using Grayson’s name and his image without the school’s permission.

Looks like some typical Duke whining to me…

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Photo Of Two Gonzaga Players With 4 Foot 11 TV Anchor Is Going Viral

This picture of two Gonzaga players with 4 foot 11 TV anchor is so crazy it’s almost like it’s not real.

A pair of Gonzaga players was photographed with a news anchor in November of 2016 when they stopped by KHQ’s studios. Now, as they prepare to play in the Final Four, it has been making the rounds again. And it’s incredible.

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Kentucky Fans Now Issuing Death Threats To Referee John Higgins After Destroying His FB Page

We reported yesterday that Kentucky fans went after the Facebook page of referee John Higgins’ roofing business. Well, now they are going after him with death threats.

via ESPN’s Jeff Goodman’s report: NCAA referee John Higgins met with law enforcement for more than two hours Tuesday after he received death threats, repeated phone calls to his company’s office and home

Fan is short for fanatic and this behavior is definitely fanatical.

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LaVar Ball Is Getting A Kardashian Style Reality Show

Oh God! Please no! I can’t tell you who I hate more at this point, LaVar Ball or the Cash Me Outside girl. Maybe LaVar Ball.

TMZ Sports has learned LaVar Ball is actively shopping various TV projects around town — including a reality show and a documentary.

We’re told Ball has already cut a trailer for the documentary which centers around his family of young basketball superstars. The reality show is still in the development phase.

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Angry Kentucky Fans Attacking Referee John Higgins’ Roofing Company On Facebook

Angry Kentucky fans found referee John Higgins’ roofing company on Facebook and are going after him. That’s kinda messed up. The fouls ended up pretty much the same. A fact everybody seems to not pay any attention to.

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Video Has Emerged Of LaVar Ball Playing In A Men’s League Basketball Game

Video of LaVar Ball playing in what looks like a men’s rec league basketball game has been unearthed. I’m guessing that LaVar wishes it hadn’t. Spoiler alert, he’s not very good. But you expected that right?

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Video Of LaVar Ball Guaranteeing A UCLA Championship Going Viral After Their Loss

LaVar Ball guaranteed a UCLA national championship, obviously that didn’t pan out. This dude is sooo obnoxious you just want to smack him.

NCAA Tournament March Madness 2017

Everything You Need To Know About March Madness 2017

Gregg Marshall’s Wife Showed Some Very Animated Behavior During The Kentucky Game

John Beilein Brought Out A Super Soaker For Michigan’s Water Win Celebration

Louisville Staffer Says NO WAY To Fun Bench Celebrations…He’s having none of it!

Verne Lundquist Took A Basketball To The Face During Warmups

Refs Missed A Blatant Goaltending In The Northwestern – Gonzaga Game…

ESPN’s New NCAA Tournament Prediction After Villanova’s Loss

Wisconsin Knocks Off Overall 1-Seed Villanova To Reach Sweet 16…Wisconsin was probably seeded a little low.
Wisconsin trolls Villanova on Twitter after upset win

Northwestern Gets Their 1st Tournament Win Thanks To A Vanderbilt Defensive Screw Up

Middle Tennessee Beats Minnesota For The 1st “Upset” Of NCAA Tournament

East Tennessee State Lost To Florida But They Take Home The Practice Dunking Title

6 NBA Lottery Prospects To Watch In The NCAA Tournament

New Orleans Player Chokes Teammate, Gets Benched…New Orleans Loses

The 20 biggest upsets in NCAA Tournament history

The best buzzer-beaters in March Madness history

Duke Is Vegas’ Favorite To Win The NCAA Tournament

What you need to know about every NCAA tournament team from 68 to 1

Northwestern Went Crazy Celebrating Their First Tournament Bid

Julia Louis-Dreyfus sent maybe the greatest NCAA Tournament tweet ever…

North Carolina, Kentucky & UCLA Might Be in the Hardest Bracket in NCAA History

Arkansas Knocked Off Seton Hall With The Help Of A Controversial Flagrant Foul Call

Seton Hall was forced to foul down 72-71 to send the Razorbacks to the free throw line and hope for a miss or keep the chance to tie the game with a three-pointer.

In the act of fouling, the Arkansas player tripped on incidental contact and was sent to the floor. The referees reviewed the play and determined it should be a Flagrant 1, which gave Arkansas two shots and the ball. This effectively ended the game.

No way should it have been called a flagrant foul. It was clearly an accidental trip. Bad call!

Who Could Replace Tom Crean At Indiana?

Who could replace Tom Crean at Indiana? One of the top jobs in the nation.

Gregg Marshall…Archie Miller…Both would be nice gets for Indiana.

Coaches Indiana should consider to replace Tom Crean

Here Are 8 Potential Replacements For Tom Crean At Indiana

Video: Breaking Down Tom Crean’s Firing And What Comes Next For Indiana

Everything You Need To Know About March Madness 2017

March Madness 2017 is here!…Keep up with all the news here

When is the Bracket revealed?

The 2017 NCAA Tournament 68-team field will be unveiled on CBS on Sunday, March 12 at 5:30 pm.

When does the tournament get underway?

March Madness 2017 will begin on Tuesday, March 14 in Dayton with the first two games played on the 14th and two games played on the 15th. Two winners will advance.

Here is the full tournament schedule.

How long is the tournament?

March Madness 2017 get underway on Tuesday, March 14th. A winner is crowned on Monday, April 3rd.

Where can you watch the games?

CBS and Turner (TBS, TNT, TruTV) broadcast the games live. You can also livestream the games here.

Where can I get a printable bracket?

You can get a printable bracket for your office pool or for yourself here.

Who is playing?

See the teams who are playing and where they are on the bracket here.

#1 Seeds
East – Villanova
Midwest – Kansas
South – North Carolina
West – Gonzaga

#2 Seeds
East – Duke
Midwest – Louisville
South – Kentucky
West – Arizona

Sean Miller And Steve Alford Exchange Words In Handshake Line After Arizona’s Win

Arizona coach Sean Miller called a timeout late in the game that Steve Alford didn’t like.

With only 0.9 seconds remaining in the game, and the Wildcats up 11, Miller called a pointless timeout. The post-game exchange between Miller and UCLA head coach Steve Alford was pretty tense.

Miller was apparently getting payback for their last meeting on February 25, when Alford called a timeout with two seconds remaining in the game, despite the Bruins being up by five.

Both coaches explained their position on the timeout…

Both teams are expected to make noise in the tournament.

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Grayson Allen Might Haved Pulled A Draymond Green Kick On A Louisville Player

Looks like Grayson Allen might have covertly kicked a Louisville player in the groin in The ACC Tournament. After he falls to the ground, it looks like he lifts his leg up for a nice little kick to the David Levitch’s groin. What do you think?

Lonzo Ball’s Dad And Charles Barkley Are Going At It Now

LaVar Ball has been in the news quite a bit lately for the things he’s been saying about his son Lonzo. Things like he is better than Steph Curry.

Well Charles Barkley also had some things to say about LaVar. Charles told Sporting News that it’s ok to proud of your son but at some point it becomes stupidity. There’s even talk that LaVar could possibly be hurting Lonzo’s positioning in the upcoming NBA Draft. People don’t want to deal with a meddling dad.

Looks like LaVar caught wind of Barkley’s comments and chirped back at Sir Charles. LaVar joined The Herd in-studio on FS1 and said “Here’s the thing — I don’t pull anything back. Whatever I say I say,” Ball said. “It’s just what Charles Barkley is saying — what all these guys — if Charles thought like me, maybe he’d win a championship. He’s saying that sometimes when stuff comes out of people’s mouth it’s just stupid. Guess what? You talking too.”

LaVar also doubled down on saying that Lonzo is better than Steph Curry. He might be at some point, although doubtful, but he certainly isn’t right now. I would think it is just putting pressure on his son he doesn’t need.

I would expect to hear a rebuttal sometime soon from Barkley.

People have some thoughts…

Grayson Allen Got T’d Up For Elbowing A North Carolina Defender

Grayson Allen got a technical for elbowing a North Carolina defender in the face.

This dude just can’t seem to keep his arms and legs to himself. With his history it’s hard to believe that anything he does isn’t intentional.

Northwestern Going To The Tournament For The 1st Time Thanks To Full Court Pass Buzzer Beater

The Northwestern Wildcats punched their ticket to the big dance with a win against Michigan. A game that took a full court pass and lay in with 1.7 seconds left to win. Watch out for this team in the tournament.