Andre Roberson’s Free Throw Shooting Got Laughed At By The Rockets Bench In Game 4

The Rockets went with the hack-a-Roberson strategy in Game 4 against OKC and it worked out pretty well. The Rockets bench was loving it obviously.

JR Smith Tried A Behind The Back Pass Instead Of Just Running Out The Clock

With just seconds left and a 3-point lead the Cavs got a steal against the Pacers and could just run out the clock. Instead, J.R. Smith thought that might be a good time for a behind the back pass which led to a steal back and a shot for the Pacers to tie it…Smh!

A Memphis Fan Dabbing In The Front Row Is So Bad

I assume this dude is trying to dab. It’s so bad I can’t really tell. Please stop!

Looks Like Rajon Rondo Tried To Trip Jae Crowder From The Bench

Did Rajon Rondo try to trip Jae Crowder? Kinda looks like it. I definitely wouldn’t put it past Rondo at all.

The Warriors Dropped Confetti After Winning Game 1 Against The Blazers

Is dropping confetti after winning game 1 of the playoffs against the Blazers really what the Warriors have lowered themselves to? Ohhh, maybe it was just leftover from when they lost game 7 to the Cavs last year. That could be the only explanation right?

NBA Draft 2017

NBA Draft 2017 June 22nd

The draft lottery will take place during the playoffs on May 16.

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NBA Draft History: Every Draft, Every Pick

2017 NBA Mock Draft: Regular Season is Over, Calm Before the Lottery Storm

Gonzaga Has Announced That Freshman Center Zach Collins Has Declared For The NBA Draft

Houston Rockets Dancer Got A Surprise Proposal From Her Military Boyfriend

Now this is a good proposal! Talk about being blindsided.

Is LeBron Blaming The Cavs Slump On The ‘Kardashian Curse’

Honestly people have been worried for a while that his could happen, including me. Could the Cavs really fall prey to the ‘Kardashian Curse’? Something weird is going on.

LeBron James was never a superstitious man, until Khloe Kardashian came along. Following the Cavaliers losing streak, the NBA player is starting to believe that the ‘Kardashian Curse’ is affecting Tristan Thompson and the team.

I don’t know man, these chicks bring guys down like the Bermuda Triangle brings down planes.

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Cavs Fan Wearing A Burned LeBron Jersey

Seriously?? Look at this idiot Cavs fan wearing a burned LeBron James jersey to a game. You should be ashamed of yourself sir!

Carmelo Anthony Wore A Fur Hat And Got Made Fun Of By The Internet

Carmelo Anthony wore a ridiculous fur hat after the Knicks game with the Pacers and to be honest he needs to made fun of for it.

The internet went to work on him…

via Larry Brown Sports

Dirk Nowitzki Is The Sixth Player In NBA History To Score 30,000 Career Points

Dirk Nowitzki was already an all-time NBA great and now he has reached even greater heights by being just the 6th player in NBA to score 30,000 points in a career.

People around the NBA and around the world loved it. LeBron James came through with a huge congrats and video. Dirk’s old teammate Steve Nash did his own congratulations video too.

I don’t think anyone was happier for Nowitzki than his longtime shooting coach 71-year-old Holger Geschwindner.

The Andrew Bogut Era In Cleveland Lasted 58 Seconds

Andrew Bogut made his debut for the Cleveland Cavs and 58 seconds later it was over.

Bogut had to be helped off the floor to the locker room. It was later revealed that he has a broken tibia.

In his first game with Cleveland, Andrew Bogut injured his leg and had to be helped off the court. #NBA #Cavs

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LeBron says he heard Bogut’s leg break…Doubtful.

Isaiah Thomas And Tyler Ulis Combined For Maybe The Shortest Jump Ball Ever

Isaiah Thomas and Tyler Ulis had maybe the shortest jump ball ever.

Short, as in, both guys are pretty short. I think both of them are around 5’9.

Kyrie Irving Put On A Dazzling Display Of Ball Handling On The Fast Break

Kyrie Irving got magical with his ball handling on the fast break against the Atlanta Hawks.

Kyrie has one of the top handles in the league and he shows it off on a nightly basis.

Joel Embiid Out For The Year With Torn Meniscus

The Philadelphia 76ers shut down Joel Embiid for the rest of the season after an MRI revealed a “more pronounced” meniscus tear on the former No. 3 overall pick.

He was the heavy favorite to win rookie of the year after posting averages of 20.2 points, 7.8 rebounds, 2.5 blocks and 2.1 assists per game in his 31 games played. But at only 31 games can he really win rookie of the year?

Hmmm…Well this isn’t good at all.

Vince Carter Was Ejected For Hitting Devin Booker With A Wild Elbow

Vince Carter got tossed for throwing a wild elbow at Devin Booker and knocking him down. After looking at the replay it honestly doesn’t look that bad at all. Maybe a little bit of a flop there.

Kevin Durant Injured His Knee And Needs An MRI… Might Be Bad News

Kevin Durant suffered a hyperextended left knee early in the first quarter of Tuesday night’s loss to the Washington Wizards and will need an MRI…Uh ohhh. The injury occurred when Warriors center Zaza Pachulia fell backwards into Durant’s knee after being pushed by Wizards center Marcin Gortat.

This tweet from Adrian Wojnarowski‏ makes it look like the injury might be pretty bad…We’ll see.


Draymond Green Got Pounded In The Face By A Basketball

Sixers center Richaun Holmes threw down an alley-oop so hard it went through and smashed Draymond Green right in the face. I bet that felt good.

Dwight Howard Shoved Al Horford After Hard Foul… Then Got Ejected For Hanging On The Rim

Dwight Howard is a huge baby. Always has been, always will be. The last few years he has just been collecting paychecks. He shoved Al Horford after a kinda hard foul, nothing out of the ordinary. Then, he got tossed for hanging on the rim.

Admittedly this is pretty cheap but that kinda stuff happens when you already have one techincal for being a baby.

…The NBA released a statement on the ejection.

Ayesha Curry Hit The Beach In A Bikini… Is She MVP Worthy?

Steph Curry’s wife was spotted on the beach with some of her friends. Is Ayesha MVP worthy? She’s had two kids remember.

Full story for the pics…