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ALYSIA MACEDO Is In The AIR FORCE And An Instagram Fitness MODEL

Alysia Macedo works as a dental assistant in the Air Force—but she also happens to double as a fitness model with nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram.

Life is 10% off what happens to us And 90% of how we react to it 💥#tagsomeone

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Most days aren't good days for me . I am battling severe anxiety . I recently cut out my meds. I battle insomnia and many things . Most people don't accept me, sometimes not even my family . I am finally going to Cali my dream and yet I sit and wonder if I could have had a family . If I put my own selfish desires of success over happiness . Im hard on myself . I have always been the one getting cheated and hurt on in my relationships now I've see myself as those people o hated . Just because people smile, wear a uniform , talk about #WONDERWOMAN look like they have it together those are usually the ones hurting the most inside . I just want you guys to know don't be afraid to talk to people if you are going through things . Don't push the ones that love you away. One day you might be like me and realise you only have a couple people left in your life . I am glad you guys look up to me for being strong , but sometimes I feel like a hypocrite . I'm not saying this for self pity . I'm saying this so you guys know don't think you're alone . I want to be real and feel like I haven't . Ready to work on a new chapter new me from scratch . I have the biggest heart and it can be the coldest too . Find a healthy way to deal with things . Thanks for all your support these years . The messages I get have touched me that even people who don't know me see me hurting and reach out with no intention but to help. #tagsomeone who needs to hear this . This thing life is what you make it and I'm laying in a bed I made . I'm sorry for bringing the people I loved in my shit, you were kind to me when I hit rock bottom…how did I repay you ? You never judged me, made me feel bad , control me , hurt me with words . Ladies you'll be lucky to find a man like this . Whoever gets him…I envy you . I'm sorry to everyone I've lied and hurt in the past year …This isn't for pity this is me coming clean . Showing you no matter how many people you help it won't matter if you hurt the ones who you care about and then you'll be left alone looking in the mirror wondering how things could have been.

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