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Lindsey Pelas! Ummmm…Wow!

…And a bonus hot bikini pic

Just went paddleboarding for the first time! 🤙🏽 I know it's probably more modest to say it was hard… but I'd be lying. It was easy and fun as $hit. I can't wait to do it again! 🙀 . I wore my @1stPhorm Phresh Sports Bra in charcoal on my board. It's made for the athletic woman in mind with a nylon and spandex design to keep your chest super tight during whatever workout you're doing- obviously very important for me haha. It's also got anti-microbial and moisture wicking capabilities. I took this photo right after I got out of the water (fully drenched) and straps on my arms were already COMPLETELY dry. Sweat at the gym really never stands a chance when I wear it. 👊🏼 check it out at also available in black 🐠🐟 #beachhairdontcare #1stphorm #tryingtofigureoutwhereillbesoretomorrow #imbasicallyBlueCrushnow #pitted

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